Notice of Public Meeting Proposed Development for 890 Greenbriar Avenue

Dear Neighbour,

Front entrance of Montauk PrivateMy office has been informed of a proposal for the property at 890 Greenbriar Avenue. The owner of the property (RGB Group) is proposing to develop a mirror image to the previous development on the adjacent parcel of land.

The plan is to demolish the existing home on site and construct nine (9) townhouse units similar in architectural style to the existing townhouse development on Montauk Private. The proposed development will share access from Montauk Private and will provide a communal gardening area in addition to private amenity areas.

I would like to invite residents who are interested in learning more about the proposed development the opportunity to attend a public meeting:

Tuesday, June 16


Carleton Heights Community Centre

1665 Apeldoorn Avenue


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact my office or visit the RGB Group website at


Riley Brockington

City Councillor, River Ward

Cc: Carleton Heights and Area Residents Association