Development Update: 1354-1376 Carling Avenue (Travelodge)

Today, I provided an update to residents on the development at 1354 and 1376 Carling Avenue, currently occupied by the Travelodge Hotel.  On August 29, 2018 City Council approved the zoning bylaw amendment application to allow this development to move forward. At this time, the City of Ottawa is reviewing the site plan application, which covers the finer details of the development. You can view the site plan details at the following link – 1354-1376 Carling Site Plan.

On Tuesday, December 11 (2018), I met with representatives of the developer and City Planner Sean Moore to review the details of the revised Site Plan application for the Phase 1 construction. Phase 1 covers the east side of the property. Here is a brief summary of the points that were covered in the  meeting:

  • Proponent is aiming for mid-January for Site Plan approval.  The application does not get heard at Planning Committee or City Council.  The document is reviewed and signed off on by myself and City staff.
  • Site Plan is for Phase 1 construction which includes a 20-storey tower on 6-storey podium and an 8-storey building on 3-strorey townhomes which will be accessible from Archibald Street. Phase 1 is for the east side of the property only.
  • There will be a physical closure of both Meath and Archibald day one of construction. That will be included in the site plan agreement. No construction can move forward without satisfying this part of the agreement.
  • The closure may be temporary (in physical design) during construction with cement planters being installed with the final build out of the permanent closures at the conclusion of the Phase 1 construction.  Please note, I made it very clear, the physical barriers must be in place by Day 1 of construction to ensure that vehicles go not get through.  I am satisfied that once construction is over a final design and construction on the two closures will proceed.
  • More design elements for the permanent physical closures are to come. Needs further consultation with emergency services to satisfy their needs.  When I receive the revised design illustrations for the Meath and Archibald closures, I will share them with you.
  • Bollards and raised curbs are part of the permanent closure plans. There has been no push back on the closures from the Travelodge team and they are satisfied with signing off on this within the Site Plan agreement.
  • The closures will leave room for pedestrian and cyclist access and connectivity.
  • Access to the rear lane of the Travelodge from Meath Street, via Carling Avenue only, will need to be maintained for hotel patrons and services.
  • Travelodge reps agreed that no construction vehicles will use Thames Street during construction activities. They are agreeable to making that a condition with whoever they hire as their contractor.
  • There is no plan for blasting at this point. That said, Travelodge reps have agreed to provide pre-construction inspections for the row of homes that immediately back onto the Travelodge property. There is no obligation to provide this service, but they will provide it for their and your protection. The inspection is basically a review and documentation of the current foundation/wall conditions in homes.
  • A new wooden fence with metal posts will be built along the south property line on Travelodge property.
  • Travelodge reps have agreed to co-host a pre-construction meeting with local residents approximately 30 days in advance of construction beginning. At this meeting we will get the opportunity to meet with the contractor, learn more about the construction staging plans, the timelines for construction, and any mitigation measures in place.
  • The developer is aiming to start construction on Phase 1 in the late spring / early summer 2019.
  • The Site Plan agreement will cover the entire site, however additional site plan applications will come in the future for Phase 2 (west side of the property) and for the park land dedication on the southwest corner of the site.
  • Travelodge Hotel will remain operational with parking access for patrons in the rear during Phase 1 construction.
  • With respect to the tour buses that regularly visit the Travelodge, the buses will drop off at the front door of the hotel and leave to park off site. That has been the practice over the past several months. I underscored with them that the idling of buses at the rear of the building shall not repeat itself.

Below are some renderings of the Phase 1 buildings.