O-Train Line 2 – Trillium Service Adjustment for MTO overpass work

Ottawa – There will be a planned service adjustment on O-Train Line 2, the Trillium Line, required so that the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) can carry out preparatory work for the future replacement of the Highway 417 overpass over O-Train Line 2.

While the MTO completes preparatory works, OC Transpo will also perform annual track maintenance. These activities will require O-Train Line 2 service to be temporarily replaced by R2 bus service from mid-July to mid-August:

O-Train Line 2 service will be temporarily replaced by R2 bus service from July 15 to July 21

From July 22 to August 18, Line 2 will run between Greenboro and Carling Stations only, with R2 bus service running between Bayview and Carling Stations

Customers will be able to connect between R2 buses and Line 2 trains at Carling Station

Regular O-Train Line 2 service is scheduled to resume for the morning commute on Monday, August 19

As in previous years, this work will be completed during the summer when ridership is lowest and to avoid conflict with major events and with the Carleton University school year.

During these temporary service adjustments, R2 replacement bus service will provide service parallel to Line 2 and will operate every 15 minutes. In addition to the R2 service, there may be other route options that could work better for some customers. Customers can visit octranspo.com for travel planning assistance.