Alexander community centre update

Alexander community centre update

Community Consultation on Future Centre Design


Dear Friends and Neighbours in Carlington,

The expansion and renovation of the Alexander Community Centre in the Carlington community has been one of my top priorities since I took office. This 54-year-old community hub needs to expand to accommodate our growing community. I previously authorized an expenditure of $60,000 to fund a community-led Needs Assessment. The City of Ottawa undertook a Carlington wide survey that asked for input on the new Centre, particularly, the types of components that are needed. The Ottawa Public Library agreed to participate in the initial needs assessment as we explore ways to incorporate potential library services. At this time, the Ottawa Public Library Board has not confirmed their intent to open a branch in the community centre, rather, they are exploring the potential and feasibility.

After the compilation of survey results, the consultant hired to undertake the needs assessment drafted preliminary designs for the new centre which have been made available as part of public consultation. There are 3 designs which have been shared with the Carlington Community Association and further feedback has been received. The options were also presented at the CCA Annual General Meeting on May 25. The next step is to share it with the broader Carlington community and a website is now live for your feedback at

Please review this bulletin in detail. What do you like about the various proposals? What is missing?
You are not being asked to specifically support Option 1, 2, or 3, but if you like a particular option, by all means, let us know. On the back of this page, you will find a link to a survey where you can share your feedback.

We have a ‘Once in a Generation’ opportunity to renovate and expand our community centre, to make it a modern, recreation facility that will truly become the hub of our the community. Have your say, be heard and provide your input to this process.
Riley Brockington
City Councillor, River Ward


Alexander Community Centre Flyer / Circulaire du Centre communautaire Alexander