Carlington Pump Station Expansion

Carlington Pump Station Expansion

Thank you to all residents that came out to the public meeting on May 15 to learn more about the major infrastructure project to expand and replace the Carlington Pumping Station at the Carlington reservoir.

The new pump station will be constructed adjacent to the existing station.   It will be located on the west side of the reservoir, tight against the berm and adjacent to the existing communication tower compound. The existing pump station will remain in operation throughout the construction period of the new pump station. Once the new pump station is operational, the existing pump station will be de-decommissioned and demolished.  The main components of the new pump station include the following:

  • A new building complete with all new mechanical and electrical equipment to provide for the pumping needs of the various areas in the City.
  • Backup power supply for emergency use during power outages.
  • A new 914mm diameter suction watermain connected directly to the existing 1200mm diameter watermain on the east side of the reservoir.
  • Four new discharge watermains connected to existing watermains that supply water to the various water Pressure Zones in the City.
  • Demolition of the existing pump station approximately 6 months after the new pump station has been fully commissioned.

The main objective of the upgrade is to improve the reliability of water supply to roughly one third of the City’s central water distribution system, and to provide additional capacity needed to accommodate future urban growth. The project is identified in the City’s current Infrastructure Master Plan.

The current project schedule is as follows:

  • Preliminary and detailed design: Fall 2015 – May 2017
  • Design assignment completion: June 2017
  • Construction start: Fall 2017
  • Construction completion: Late Fall 2019

To view a copy of the presentation boards displayed at the public open house, please click on the link below.

Carlington Pump Station Open House Boards