City of Ottawa Facility Bookings Under Current COVID-19 Restrictions

City of Ottawa Facility Bookings Under Current COVID-19 Restrictions

While residents can now rent space at a community centre, the city has only opened a few sites at this time.

In addition, although there is a gathering limit of 50 per rental space, there may be a lower occupancy limit allowed in a specific room as the city requires 70 sq. feet per person to ensure physical distancing is always adhered.

Depending on where in the City you might like to book, there is a specific email to send in your request.

The following facilities will reopen for rentals with limited hours available at each location:


The following conditions will also have to be followed:

  • All participants and attendees must practice physical distancing
  • Wearing masks is mandatory indoors – to be provided by renters or participants
  • Renters have access to the main building lobby, room rental, assigned washrooms, first aid, and change rooms if required 
    • Canteen, remaining washrooms, social areas and kitchens remain closed/off-limits 
  • All facilities will be equipped with proper personal protective equipment, signage, directional and physical distancing decals and defined pathway with one-way circulation through the building  
  • Renters must adhere to the conditions of use


More information on the city’s phased approach can be found on the City website at

Should you need assistance booking a facility for a private or public event, please give my office a call at 613-580-2486 or email