Claymor, Senio and Falaise – 2021 Construction

Claymor, Senio and Falaise – 2021 Construction

Attached below are the construction notice that will be delivered this week to residents on Claymor (Meadowlands to Falaise), Senio, Falaise (Prince of Wales to west of Claymor), Normandy (Senio to Apeldoorn) and Greenbriar (Claymor to Arnhem) by the City to alert residents to the upcoming construction on the street.

Aecon will also be delivering pre-construction inspector (Blastek) information on house inspections – the inspections are voluntary and would include interior and exterior photographs.

The contractor, Aecon, plans to mobilize to the site in early April to set up the temporary drinking water hoses on Senio and the north block of Claymor (Meadowlands to Normandy). That will take a few weeks, after which the underground watermain and sewer installation will start.

Aecon will have one crew working on Senio and one crew working on the north block of Claymor, at the same time. An application has been submitted to close Senio and Claymor (Meadowlands to Normandy) to through traffic starting April 13th – please note that access to local residents and pedestrians will remain open. The roads will remain closed until the construction is complete this fall.

Curbs and sidewalk will be installed on the south block of Claymor (Falaise to Normandy). Final landscaping, top lift asphalt and traffic calming (raised intersections) will also be completed on Falaise and the south block of Claymor. The south block of Claymor and Falaise will remain open during construction.

To view the notices, click the links below: