Clyde Baseline Development Blasting (1405 Baseline)

Clyde Baseline Development Blasting (1405 Baseline)

Please find an update regarding blasting at the development at Clyde and Baseline (1405 Baseline.

I have been contacted by a number of residents regarding the vibration from the blasting at the development. I’ve been assured that proper procedures were followed.

Vibration Monitoring Overview, shows the location of vibration measuring stations. These are seismometers that record all earth tremors within a circle around the site, over the duration of the blasting period. The machines will document if any potentially destructive earth movements occurred in concert with blasting activities.

Pre-Blast and Blast Notification Overview shows the 2 radii where pre-blast survey inspections were completed, and pre-blast notification letters were sent. The survey was conducted in a 75m radius around the work site whereas pre-blast notification letters were submitted to homes and businesses within a 150m radius. This as per regulation F-1201, and as outlined in the Delegated Authority Report issued by the City for the site. Residents in the townhouses on Jenscott Private immediately backing onto the Stantec building, as well as the closest block of units on Scout Street, would have received the notification letter dated June 29, 2021.

In terms of the timing of blasting activities, these have typically been occurring four days per week, Monday to Thursday, with no blasting on Friday. Some blasting may occur on future Fridays as the construction schedule is somewhat weather dependent. However, blasting should not be occurring on weekends. They expect blasting to be completed by mid to late October, again subject to potential weather impacts.

Please feel free to reach out ( if you have any questions.