Development Application 716 and 770 Brookfield Road

Development Application 716 and 770 Brookfield Road

The City of Ottawa’s Planning Department has received an official development application for the property at 716 and 770 Brookfield Road. The applications are for Zoning By-law amendment and Site Plan approval. This site is located on the south side of Brookfield Road, between Riverside Drive and the Airport Parkway. The site plan approval application is to develop Phase 1 (western portion) as a mixed use development containing ground floor retail and 355 residential units. The Zoning By-law amendment is to amend a number of development requirements to accommodate the ultimate development of the site. 

Below is a link to the application on the City’s Development Application Search Tool where you will find information about the application and all of the submitted plans, reports, surveys and accompanying documents you will need to review the application.  

Link to Application

Many residents may recall that I have hosted two public meetings  to provide residents the opportunity to review the proposed plans for this development. It has been almost three years since this property was last considered for development.  As local residents may recall, that plan never proceeded and the property has been for sale for some time. A new tentative owner has stepped forward and plans to develop the site similar to the 2015 plans, with a few modifications that improve it overall. 

The proposal still includes two phased apartment building complexes and is intended to be operated as a private sector post-secondary student residence. The project will also include ground floor retail space, new landscaping and underground and surface parking. The two apartment residences will be a mixture of six, eight, and nine floors with a minimum 20 metre setback from the rear property lines along Hobson Road.