EAB Ash Tree Stump Pesticide Treatment

EAB Ash Tree Stump Pesticide Treatment


As part of the management of dead trees in parks and woodlots, a number of ash trees have been removed. The City will be working with a contractor to spray the stumps of the ash and invasive shrubs such as buckthorn to minimize the competition with new trees that are to be planted on the site.   

Garlon RTU is applied using a backpack spray system directly to the cut surface of the buckthorn and ash stumps which greatly reduces the risk of exposure and impact on non-targeted species. The active ingredient, triclopyr, penetrates the cambium layer to prevent resprouting of the shrub.

If ingested, Garlon RTU has low toxicity; small amounts of Garlon RTU swallowed incidental to handling are unlikely to cause injury.  Long term testing has produced no evidence that triclopyr causes carcinogenic or mutagenic effects in mammals. The herbicide’s active ingredient disrupts the growth process within the plant by affecting enzymes unique to plants.

Below is the list of parks identified to receive treatment with Garlon RTU this spring.

Ward Name Address
16 Airport Parkway (rear of Plante Dr) 1 Airport Parkway
16 Airport Parkway (rear of Cromwell Dr) 930 Brookfield Rd
16 Moffat Farm Veterans Park 591 Kochar Dr

 Note:  the treatment in the above mentioned parks should start within the next two weeks and be completed by April 28, 2017.

Further information on Garlon can be found in the following attachments:

Garlon RTU Label

Garlon RTU SDS Sheet

Garlon RTU Facts