Environment Committee approves enhanced Green Bin program

Environment Committee approves enhanced Green Bin program

Ottawa Dog waste could be allowed in green bins starting in mid-2019, following a report approved by the Environment and Climate Protection Committee. Residents could also put their organic waste in plastic bags, addressing concerns about odours and pests in green bins.

The revised contract with Orgaworld Canada Ltd., the service provider for the City’s Green Bin program, would expand service for an additional $626,000 per year and end current litigation. It would also divert more waste, helping to extend the life of the Trail Road landfill and meet new provincial targets for waste diversion.

The remaining 12 years of the contract would see an increased processing rate for the enhanced service, a lower minimum tonnage, more operational flexibility and a beneficial-use end product that could be used as compost and soil enhancement or fertilizer.

This report will be considered by City Council on Wednesday, March 28.

Local, community-based projects would be able to apply for the Community Energy Innovation Fund, after the Committee approved the terms of reference for the fund. Applications would be open between April 13 and May 31, with further opportunities possible later in the year if funds remain. The $500,000-fund would advance the City’s Energy Evolution strategy to transform Ottawa into a thriving city powered by clean, renewable energy.

The Committee also approved transferring funds between 13 projects under the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund. Staff refined cost estimates, allowing funds to be transferred to complete more project work. The total funding amount would remain within the approved $92.4 million.

Except where noted, items from today’s Environment and Climate Protection Committee meeting will go to City Council on Wednesday, April 11.