Gas Main Repair at 934 Hunt Club Road Beginning August 2

Gas Main Repair at 934 Hunt Club Road Beginning August 2

Gas Main Repair at 934 Hunt Club Road

Residents are advised that Enbridge Gas will be repairing a gas main located at 934 Hunt Club Road (near McCarthy/Downpatrick) beginning on August 2 with completion expected by August 15 or sooner.

Enbridge will be hydrovacing and completing a repair on a 12-inch vital gas main as per their mandated Integrity Inline Inspection program. A feature was identified on the gas main as a result of the Integrity Inline Inspection program completed this June. Enbridge Gas is required to investigate and repair the feature by August 15.

The primary work plan for Enbridge is to work within non-peak traffic hours (9:00am – 3:00pm and 6:00pm – Midnight). These are the maximum hours the contractor crew can work in a given shift. However, if traffic volumes present a safety concern Enbridge may elect to switch to nights in which their proposed work hours would be from 6:00pm – 2:00am.

There will be traffic impacts in the construction area.

I will be in contact with City officials and Enbridge Gas as this project moves forward in order to keep any impacts on nearby residents at a minimum. Please advise my office of any issues during the construction period.

I acknowledge that this urgent work will cause traffic delays and noise.  Please use caution when travelling in this intersection and thank you for your patience.

934 Hunt Club Traffic Plan and Work Area