New tool will help residents who wonder: Where Is My Plow?

New tool will help residents who wonder: Where Is My Plow?

Ottawa –There is a new tool on this winter that will help Ottawa residents know when a City plow will clear their snow-covered residential street.

Called Where Is My Plow, the web tool allows you to enter your home address and find  the estimated time when your residential street will be plowed during a major storm. Times are estimated using real-time GPS information from the snow plow fleet. The tool will work on any phone, mobile device, laptop or desktop computer.

snowplowWhere Is My Plow complements the tools we already have in place to keep residents informed about traffic and construction in Ottawa,” said Mayor Jim Watson. “I’m pleased that we can offer residents one more tool to make driving and living in winter a little more manageable.”

Residents can use the information from Where Is My Plow to help plan their driveway snow removal efforts and as a reminder to move their cars off the road when plows are passing.

“The City is committed to keeping residents informed about road conditions before, during and after a storm,” said Councillor Keith Egli, Chair of the City’s Transportation Committee. “Strategic communication is an important element to keeping the City moving.”

The tool provides timelines for residential streets only and does not provide information for arterial, collector roads or sidewalks.

“This tool will remove the guessing game of when your street will be clear,” said Councillor Rick Chiarelli, Chair of the City’s Information Technology Sub-Committee. “My hope is that this tool will allow residents to avoid the frustration that comes with clearing their lane-way only to have a plow go by later and block it off with a windrow.”