O-Train Confederation Line – Let’s get Ready for Rail!

O-Train Confederation Line – Let’s get Ready for Rail!

Let’s get Ready for Rail!

The O-Train Confederation Line will transform OC Transpo’s current bus-centered system into a multi-modal transit system, and will completely change the city’s landscape and the way people get around.

The City wants to help you get Ready for Rail so that you have all the tools you need to take your future journey on board the O-Train Confederation Line in 2018.

At the April 19 Transit Commission meeting, a new communication, marketing, information and education campaign – called Ready for Rail – was unveiled. The Ready for Rail campaign aims to answer the questions we all have about the new system, things like: “Where will it go?”, “How often will it come?”, “How will I get to it?” and “Where will I buy my fare?”

Over the next year you’ll find Ready for Rail ads in buses and bus shelters, in City recreation facilities and arenas, and you’ll see a variety of videos, images and messages on social media.

The goal of the campaign is to use as many avenues as possible to make sure everyone is provided with the information they need to know about the new system before it opens in 2018 – and to get people excited about the launch of light trail transit in Ottawa.

For more information on the O-Train Confederation Line, please visit OC Transpo’s new “Ready for Rail” web section at www.octranspo.com/ready4rail or contact OC Transpo Customer Relations at 613-842-3600.