OC Transpo – Confirmed Case of COVID-19

OC Transpo – Confirmed Case of COVID-19

A memo was received overnight from John Manconi, General Manager of OC Transpo, that advised that an OC Transpo driver has been confirmed to have COVID-19.  The buses he drove before self-isolating have been taken off the road and are undergoing an extreme clean.

The individual had been in self-isolation since they developed symptoms on March 20. They received the COVID-19 test on March 21 and continue to self-isolate at home.

From OC Transpo:

We are working directly with Ottawa Public Health (OPH) and are conducting contact tracing of individuals who have, or may have been, in close contact with the employee. OPH has advised that the key dates are the period 48 hours prior to the first day the employee showed symptoms, namely March 18 to 20. OPH is following up with family and friends who may have been in close contact with the individual. We have begun contacting our employees who may have come into close contact with the employee during those key dates.

The operator drove 5 buses on March 18, 19 and 20, serving the following routes:

March 18

  • Route 19: St-Laurent Station at 14:27 to Parliament Station 15:14
  • Route 63: Tunney’s Pasture Station 15:36 to Innovation Park & Ride 16:28
  • Route 63: Innovation Park & Ride 16:30 to Tunney’s Pasture Station 17:12
  • Route 57: Tunney’s Pasture Station 17:25 to Bayshore Station 17:47
  • Route 85: Bayshore Station 17:47 to Terrasses de la Chaudière 18:39
  • Route 85: Terrasses de la Chaudière 18:50 to Bayshore Station 19:36
  • Route 85: Bayshore Station 19:41 to Terrasses de la Chaudière 20:23

March 19 & 20

  • Route 64: Lincoln Fields Station 11:24 to Innovation Park & Ride 11:51
  • Route 64: Innovation Park & Ride 11:53 to Tunney’s Pasture Station 12:41
  • Route 50: Tunney’s Pasture Station 12:55 to Lincoln Fields Station 13:24
  • Route 85: Lincoln Fields Station 13:44 to Terrasses de la Chaudière 14:20
  • Route 85: Terrasses de la Chaudière 14:26 to Bayshore Station 15:23
  • Route 85: Bayshore Station 15:32 to Terrasses de la Chaudière 16:25
  • Route 85: Terrasses de la Chaudière 16:32 to Bayshore Station 17:30
  • Route 57: Bayshore Station 17:42 to Tunney’s Pasture Station 18:08
  • Route 75: Tunney’s Pasture Station 18:15 to Barrhaven Centre 18:42

If customers have concerns of this exposure, they can contact Ottawa Public Health at 613-580-6744 to speak to a public health nurse or visit ottawapublichealth.ca.

OC Transpo has identified and removed the vehicles driven by the operator from service. These vehicles will undergo a deep clean and full sanitization before returning to service.