Pedestrian Crossing Update – Fisher Ave and Tunis Ave

Pedestrian Crossing Update – Fisher Ave and Tunis Ave

Following an update from city officials, I can provide the following update on the future pedestrian crossing planned for Fisher Avenue at Tunis Avenue.

Fisher Tunis Pedestrian Crossing

City Officials are currently wrapping up the design work required for the signalized pedestrian crossing.  Once completed, the designs would need to be approved by both the City and the National Capital Commission.  As the portion of Tunis Avenue between Fisher Avenue and the Driveway is on NCC property, the NCC must provide approval on the plans and the installation.

The design plans for the crossing to be installed on the north side of the intersection in order to avoid any pedestrian-motorist conflicts from west-bound vehicles turning left off of Tunis Avenue onto Fisher Avenue.  The current plans will also propose a pathway connection on both the north and south side of Tunis Avenue to connect Fisher Avenue with the Driveway and NCC Pathway.  This would also be depending on NCC approvals.  The approximate cost of this project will be $75,000.

Once approved, construction would be scheduled.  City official advise that the construction would take a number of weeks and would involve a few days of traffic disruptions on Fisher Avenue as they conduct the underground work.  Currently the timelines for the project are estimated for a late summer/fall installation.  However, this is dependent on when approvals are received by both the City and the NCC.