Reserve or cancel Para Transpo trips online

Reserve or cancel Para Transpo trips online

Para Transpo customers can now test new online forms to reserve a trip or cancel a trip. Both forms are mobile-friendly and accessible.

You can use the reservation form to book next-day and statutory holiday trips. The cancellation form lets you cancel a trip up to one hour before the start of your trip. Once your reservation or cancellation is processed, you will receive a confirmation email.

The forms provide a new alternative to reserving and cancelling trips by phone. You can continue reserving and cancelling trips by phone if you prefer.

The online trip cancellation and reservation forms will remain available until a full online booking system is ready for use. The final system will let you:

·         Book next-day and holiday trips
·         Cancel trips
·         Book regular (recurring) trips
·         Use previous trip information to book future trips more easily
·         Confirm trip times and details
·         Track the vehicle location to get estimated arrivals
·         Get trip reminders sent to your phone or email

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