River Ward E-Newsletter, January 1, 2023 | Bulletin électronique de Quartier Rivière, 1 Janvier 2023

River Ward E-Newsletter, January 1, 2023 | Bulletin électronique de Quartier Rivière, 1 Janvier 2023

Happy New Year.  My very best to you and your family in 2023.  May it bring good health, happiness and prosperity to you all.

It is time to press ahead with a number of matters in River Ward, as reinforced on the door steps this recent campaign period.

The draft 2023 traffic calming plan is required by the City this month.  The City assesses the feasibility of all requests, provides me with a draft concept of each street and also a cost estimate.  The number of requests compiled from the campaign far exceeds the allotted funds for River Ward.  We will need to prioritize the requests and map out a four year plan to get it done.  As I mentioned at the recent Town Hall meeting I hosted with the Ottawa Police Services, I intend to proceed with a speed limit reduction for all residential streets in Carlington to 40km/hr this year, in addition to other calming measures.  Every single neighbourhood has concerns with the speed of traffic and traffic calming will be used, where appropriate.

I also pledged to continue to work with local community groups to make improvements to tired and weathered amenities in various parks.  Outreach from my office will resume this month. Hoping to see progress in 2023.

On December 14, City Council appointed all members to leadership and membership positions to all committees.  I have been appointed the new Chair of the Emergency Preparedness and Protective Services Committee (Fire Services, Paramedic Services, Bylaw and Regulatory Services and Emergency Preparedness).  I will also serve as a member of the Planning, Environment, Transit Commission and FEDCO committees.  I remain Ottawa’s representative on the Board of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) and also serve on the Executive Council as a Caucus Chair.

2023 also plans to be a big year for public and social events in the ward.  The River Ward team will meet this week to review the draft outline of all events and start planning.  Look towards a winter trivia night next month, movie night and other events later in to winter.

February will also be busy with the City’s 2023 Budget process – every committee will host public consultations and you are always welcome to share your budget priorities with me.  What is the City doing well and as importantly, where can additional resources be directed to provide greater service to the public?

Stay safe, Stay well

Riley Brockington

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