River Ward E-Newsletter, July 1, 2021 | Bulletin electronique de Quartier Rivière 1 julliet 2021

River Ward E-Newsletter, July 1, 2021 | Bulletin electronique de Quartier Rivière 1 julliet 2021

River Ward Community Update

Dear friends and neighbours of River Ward,

Happy Canada Day!

For those of you celebrating today, take care and be mindful when setting off fireworks.  A number of issues stemming from Victoria Day has led to some strict rules for Canada Day including no discharge of fireworks in City parks, just private property.  Be mindful of your proximity to residential areas and limit them to no later than 11pm.  It is ok to have fun but be respectful of your surroundings.

This Canada Day in particular we are reminded of the horrors of residential schools with the recent findings of the graves of hundreds of children in British Columbia and Saskatchewan. We as Canadians must acknowledge this is part of our country’s history and take steps by working with indigenous First Nations to admit these atrocities occurred and work towards meaningful reconciliation.

Splash pads, wading pools and the City’s four beaches all opened as of last month.  Take some time to cool off this summer and have fun with your family.

Although the major festivals that host events in River Ward will not return this summer due to the on-going COVID pandemic, both the Lebanese Festival and Greek Festival will offer their popular take-away service again this year.  For more information please visit their respective websites at https://www.ottawalebanesefestival.com/ and http://www.ottawagreekfest.com/

Phase 2 of the provincial re-opening plan began yesterday, and this reminds me to do what I can to shop local and support small businesses. Please do what you can as well.

Take care and be safe.


Riley Brockington
City Councillor, Conseiller municipal
River Ward, Quartier Rivière

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