River Ward Wading Pools opening soon for summer fun

River Ward Wading Pools opening soon for summer fun

Join City of Ottawa Recreation staff for summer fun at one of 9 wading pools across River Ward.  New this year, later hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays at some locations to allow families to come out after work hours. 

Each location will have a Special Event date that features arts and crafts, games, prizes, and lots of time to stay cool in the pool!

In addition, Fridays are theme days!  Come out for some extra organized fun on Fridays at any of the City’s wading pools.

Special Events – normally take place from opening of the pool until approximately 2-2:30pm.  Specific times are still being finalized as summer camps, etc. are being booked for swimming  which impact the timing of events.   Confirmed times will be posted at all wading pools. 

Fun Fridays – Take place at all city wading pools.   Regular weekly programming that takes place during the week will take on a “special theme” on Fridays.   Programming schedules will be posted weekly at individual wading pools as they may vary from week to week to ensure variety.

For the full list of locations and hours, please click on the image below!

Copy of Ward 16 Wading Pool Schedules

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Park 2016 First Day
960 Silver St.
June 30th
Bellevue Manor
1520 Caldwell Ave.
June 30th
Carleton Heights
1665 Apeldoorn Ave.
July 4th
Frank J Licari
1990 Cochrane St
June 30th
1205 Trenton Ave.
June 24th
185 Owl Dr.
June 24th
Pauline Vanier
1015 Harkness Ave.
June 30th
1500 Larose Ave.
July 4th
960 Eiffel Ave.
July 4th