Runway Construction at Ottawa Airport This Summer

Runway Construction at Ottawa Airport This Summer

My office has received the following information on planned major construction work taking place at the Ottawa International Airport this summer.


As a part of its ongoing commitment to airside safety, the Airport Authority is undertaking two major airside construction projects scheduled for the summer of 2017. These projects have been scheduled in parallel in an effort to minimize operational disruptions and community impact. 

Operational impacts

  • The airport’s main Runway, 07/25 (east/west), will be closed in July and August, and for another week in September/October to complete the project.
  • Runway 14/32 (north/south) will be used for all commercial traffic during this time.

Project details

Taxiway reconstruction project

  • A section of taxiway Bravo, the roadway that connects the terminal apron to Runway 25, will be reconstructed.
  • The project includes:
    • the installation of new taxiway lighting
    • the installation of storm sewers
    • line painting
  • This reconstruction is part of a multi-year project to restore apron and taxiway surfaces and airside infrastructure that has reached end of life.

Upgrade to the approach lighting systems

  • The existing lighting system will be replaced with SSALR. (Simplified Short Approach Lighting System with runway alignment indicator lights)
  • The number of lights will be increased.
  • The distance of the lighting array from the runway threshold will be extended from 1500 feet to 2400 feet (the runway threshold is the beginning of the runway that is available for landing).
  • The visibility for pilots landing on Runway 25 will be improved.
  • A similar upgrade is planned for Runway 14 in 2018.
  • Runways 07 and 32 already have SSALR lighting.

Public impact

  • Flight patterns will be affected.
  • Increased air traffic and noise over communities to the north and south of the airport.
  • Decreased air traffic and noise over communities to the east and west of the airport.

We are working with our construction partners to keep the project to a very tight schedule and to mitigate any unnecessary impact on the community.