Snow Removal and Snow Plowing Operations

Snow Removal and Snow Plowing Operations

I often receive many inquiries and requests from residents on the snow removal operations for their respective streets. I have recently received the following update with information on snow removal operations across Ottawa.

snow-plowWeather permitting, City crews are removing snow daily and nightly. With three snow events in the last 7 days, staff have been switching back and forth from clearing the roads to removal. It is the same employees who complete both activities.

Currently crews are concentrating their efforts on class 3 & 4 roads (arterials/collectors/OC transit runs); roads that carry higher traffic volume, higher speeds, to create storage, improved drainage for sidewalks and open catch basins for when the thaw cycles start. Class 5 streets (ie. residential) are being investigated/assessed on a per Service Request or inquiry and addressing the specific issue a resident is inquiring about. A class 5 residential street calls for a minimum 5m of cleared road to travel on. If the road is less than 5m crews will remove/wing back/cast the snow from one side in order to meet minimum service standards, preferably to the sidewalk side if there is one. From their investigations most class 5 streets are faced with overflow residential parking issues and not snow removal issues.

If there is a residential street that is less than 5 meters clear of width on or there is a site line issue at an intersection, please let me know and I will have city staff correct the matter.

The 30 day forecast calls for a few small snow falls through the early part of March with temperatures warming  considerably through the first 2 weeks and plus daily high temperatures from mid March through to the end.  It is time for Spring!

If I can be of any assistance, please let me know.