Stage 2 Trillium Line (O-Train) Extension

Stage 2 Trillium Line (O-Train) Extension

I would like to thank all residents who attended the public meeting last night on the Trillium Line (O-Train) Extension project for the update on the future of our City’s transit system.

For those of you who were not able to attend the meeting, here are a few facts on the Trillium Line Extension:

  • Is part of the Stage 2 package of planned rail rapid transit investments in Ottawa. This Stage 2 package will expand the O-Train network, the City’s overall Light Rail Transit (LRT) network further to the east, west and the south and specifically:
    • West to Bayshore Station (Confederation Line West Extension) and southwest to Baseline Station
    • East to Place Orléans Station (Confederation Line East Extension)
    • South to Riverside South at Bowesville (Trillium Line Extension)

Southern Extension:

  • Will extend the City’s reach to Leitrim and Bowesville (the edge of Riverside South)—-bringing southern communities such as Manotick, Findlay Creek, Greely and Osgoode much closer to transit. Riverside South is projected to accommodate 54,600 residents and 27,900 jobs when this extension is built.
  • Will extend the increased capacity that is about to be launched from Bayview to Greenboro further south to Bowesville, essentially improving access for Ottawa’s southern communities to downtown, Carleton University, employment nodes at Carling and Confederation Heights, and the commercial/transit node at South Keys
  • Will significantly increase Park and Ride capacity in the south. (total of approximately 3,500 park-and-ride spaces at Leitrim and Bowesville combined)
  • Will connect to bus services serving Riverside South and Barrhaven via the newly opened Vimy Memorial Bridge.
  • Will establish improved rail integration with SE Transitway by providing an additional transfer station at South Keys and Walkley.
  • New stations at Walkley and Gladstone to meet the increasing demand in the adjacent neighbourhoods, and will support the implementation of CDPs completed or in progress for other communities along the line, including Bayview, Gladstone, Bank Street (Riverside-Ledbury Park) and Bank Street (South Keys-Blossom Park).
  • Will enhance pathway network by providing a parallel multi-use pathway along the length of the extension, providing connectivity to adjacent communities and destinations, the NCC Greenbelt pathway network, and the City’s pathway network at Sawmill Creek. New stations will be connected to adjacent pedestrian, cycling and pathway networks.
  • Accommodates other key transportation infrastructure plans in area (Airport Parkway expansion; Lester Widening; Airport Link)
  • Will offer a better airport alignment with door stop stations at EY and the terminal; the location of terminal station enhances arrival experience for travellers to/from Ottawa.
  • Will provide service to the airport without compromising peak headways to Leitrim and Bowesville.


If you have any questions or concerns about the extension of light rail along the Trillium Line, please contact me at 613-580-2486 or by email at



To see the displays from last night’s open house, please click on the links below:





O-Train POH Boards – Final Draft Jan 9