VIA Rail Update – WASS Siding Project

VIA Rail Update – WASS Siding Project

This update is in addition to another one I sent out earlier this week.

The email below was received late yesterday afternoon and is being shared with you for information purposes.

As a reminder, the area identified as the Wass siding project is focused between Riverside Drive and Walkley Road.  Homes that back on to the train tracks within this area will notice the work this weekend.

Questions about this work may be directed to Pamela O’Leary by calling 613-907-8355 or by email at Pamela_O’






Message from Via Rail:

This coming weekend there will be construction taking place at the Wass siding project in the Riverside Park area between 9am and 6pm on Saturday and Sunday. The extreme hot temperatures in Ottawa last week impacted our work schedule. In order to keep the project on schedule, they are coming this weekend to conduct surfacing work and distribute ballast (ground stone) on the siding track. Since this is outside the regular schedule, I wanted to let you  know in case you receive any questions.

As I mentioned in a separate email, I understand the herbicide application has begun on the Beachburg subdivision, starting at the Ottawa train station and progressively working westward toward Prince of Wales Drive. As explained in the public notice, this is routine maintenance that happens every single year to railroads all over the country in accordance with rail safety regulations. Should residents inquire, I can assure you that the herbicide is water based and applied directly onto the ballast only. The work is being carried out in accordance with all provincial and federal standards, regulations and guidelines by qualified operators.