Via Rail work begins along Otterson/Fielding corridor

Via Rail work begins along Otterson/Fielding corridor

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Late last week, VIA Rail Canada advised my office of imminent work beginning on the rail corridor between Otterson Drive and Fielding Drive, east of the Riverside Drive train overpass.  Affected residents should have received a hand-delivered notice from VIA Rail Canada over the weekend to advise them of the pending work.

I would like to provide you with the most recent information received from VIA Rail Canada below as well as contact information at VIA Rail Canada should you have any questions.  As more information is received regarding the impact of this work on the local community, I will be certain to update this page accordingly.


The work to be completed by the Contractor relates to the construction of a new siding track for VIA Rail Canada Inc. near the Revelstoke community of Ottawa South. The work is schedule to start early next week (week of May 4, 2015) in an area adjacent to an industrial area found on the West side of the zone found on the picture below. This work will consist of building the road access to the work area and would eventually see work closer to the residential area at the end of that same week.

VIA Rail Canada is constructing a siding track in the area illustrated on the map in blue to improve VIA Rail service within the City of Ottawa and improve safety at the Woodroffe and Fallowfield rail crossings.  This additional track and accompanying switches will allow trains to ‘pull over’ and pass each other earlier along the track system, away from these busy crossings and reduce signal time. The new track will be built on the Otterson Drive side of the existing tracks.

It is anticipated that of the 21 trains that pass this location daily (in either direction), there will be three trains per day that would meet at this location and require the use of the second track for the waiting train. The stopped train would continue on within approximately five minutes, once the other train has passed.

This project will be completed in two phases: preparation of grading and drainage (May-June) and track and signal work (June – early September). Construction activities could generate noise, vibration and dust at certain activities at the beginning of the projects. Please be advised that in order to ensure the project is completed on schedule, night construction work is anticipated.

VIA Rail Canada Inc. is working closely with the City of Ottawa and our contractors to conduct this work with minimal disturbance to local residents.

The blue highlighted area on the below map illustrates the section of track where the siding will be built.

VIA Rail Construction

These updates are part of VIA Rail Canada’s commitment to the City of Ottawa to improve traffic flow along at high congestion crossings, particularly during rush hour periods.

If you have any questions or concerns about the work being undertaken by VIA Rail Canada, call 1-888-842-7245 or email them at


2015 05 01- Letter to residents of Revelstoke re WASS siding construction ENG FINAL

2015 05 01 – Letter to residents of Revelstoke re WASS siding construction FRA FINAL

This information is also posted to the VIA Rail Canada Website.



In addition to the siding track construction, their contractor will be conducting vegetation control on VIA Rail Canada property along the rail line. In accordance with Track Safety regulations, VIA Rail Canada Inc. is required to ensure vegetation on its property does not impede sight lines to the traffic signal system and that any vegetation that poses a potential fire hazard or safety risk are cut back or removed. This includes vegetation that poses a safety risk of falling onto private property or the rail tracks themselves. This work will be confined to VIA Rail Canada’s right-of-way on the rail line and will consist of cutting of brush and vegetation which constitute a hazard to the public as well as VIA Rail Canada employees. As required, prior notification of brush cutting adjacent to a residential property will be provided.

The full text of the Track Safety Rules can be found online at