Winter Advisory for February 19, 2016

Winter Advisory for February 19, 2016

I would like to share with residents the following email received from Public Works this morning:

The purpose of this email is to inform Members of Council about today’s winter weather event and to highlight the City’s preparations for the event.

Weather Conditions

Presently temperatures are at -18C but the winds are out of the south-east so a warming trend is expected through today and into tomorrow.  

The forecast calls for scattered flurries this afternoon with snow beginning at about 5 pm possibly mixed with small amounts of ice pellets or drizzle as the warm front pushes through the City, temperatures will be approximately -3C at the onset of the snow. Snow will transition to a mix of flurries and showers at 2 am, snow accumulation 5-10 cm. Temperatures will rise to about 5C by early morning.  

Rain/showers will be intermittent on Saturday where accumulations appear to be very light (3-5 mm).


Staff will be ready to plow/salt the priority network at the start of the snow accumulation this afternoon. Staff continue to work around the clock clearing sidewalks, bus stops as well as dealing with snow removal from this past Tuesday’s snow storm.  We will continue to deal with winter operations as the forecast requires us to throughout the weekend, including addressing catch basins today ahead of the potential melt.

We anticipate Saturday’s warm temperatures may create localized ponding and staff will be available to deal with any drainage concerns throughout the weekend.  

It is unlikely an Overnight Parking Ban will be initiated overnight, plowing operations will occur as required.

Information for Residents

Information will be provided to residents through and social media.

On, a seasonal “Winter Weather” banner will direct residents to a web page that will provide information on the weather, including updates on City operations and tips on what residents can do to prepare for and during weather events. It will also inform residents they can make weather related service requests through Service Ottawa’s online service request system.