Your bus route is changing on Sunday, October 6

Your bus route is changing on Sunday, October 6

Ottawa – On Sunday, October 6, OC Transpo’s bus service will transform to align with O-Train Line 1. These are the biggest OC Transpo changes in Ottawa’s history. Most customers will be affected so we ask that you use the travel planner on to find out how your route will change. OC Transpo staff are available to help at key locations across the city— look for them in red vests.

Five things you need to know

This is a #ReallyBigServiceChange, so use the travel planner on

O-Train Line 1 will replace most buses through downtown, meaning many customers will connect at one of the three major transfer stations: Tunney’s Pasture, Hurdman and Blair.

Most areas of the city will see changes to bus service, especially Kanata North, Bridlewood, Bells Corners, west Ottawa, downtown, Alta Vista and Orléans. Many routes will be adjusted to align with Line 1, and in many cases, route numbers and schedules will change.

Service is changing to major destinations, including Gatineau, hospitals, universities and colleges. Visit Ottawa Destinations in the Plan Your Trip section of to download a new printable guide.

OC Transpo staff will be at stations across the city to help.

Have you tried the train?

O-Train Line 1 is running to major destinations in central Ottawa, from Tunney’s Pasture to Blair stations. Give the train a try before the #ReallyBigServiceChange on Sunday, October 6 to see how quick and easy it is to ride.

Highlights of the new transit network

Quick and easy connections to the train at 13 beautiful new O-Train stations.

Reliable service on Line 1, providing a fast, traffic-free commute through the downtown core.

New direct bus service to Gatineau from the west end, Vanier and Gloucester, plus connections to Gatineau at Pimisi and Lyon stations.

Increased service in Kanata North, Bells Corners and Orléans.

Check your mailbox

More information about the service change and new transit network was mailed to every household this week.

Get real-time schedule information 24 hours a day by calling 613-560-1000 or texting 560560 plus the four‑digit bus stop number. For more information, travel planning assistance and new timetables, visit You can also call OC Transpo at 613-741-4390, particularly when it is less busy between 5:30 pm and 9 pm.