Zoning By-law Amendment and Site Plan Control Revision for 948 Hunt Club Road

Zoning By-law Amendment and Site Plan Control Revision for 948 Hunt Club Road

My office has received a zoning amendment and site plan application proposal for a development at 948 Hunt Club Road. The Planning Committee will be considering the application at the February 10th committee meeting.

I would be interested in receiving your feedback on the proposal.

Below you will find a brief overview of the proposed development application.

Site Location: The site is located on the south side of Hunt Club Road, east of the intersection of Downpatrick Drive. It is known municipally as 934 and 948 Hunt Club Road. The site has an area of 4,057 square metres with 40.4 metres of frontage along Hunt Club Road.

Description of Site and Surroundings:

The portion of the site known as 934 Hunt Club Road contains a 3 storey apartment building totalling 20 units which received Site Plan approval in 2011. The site known as 948 Hunt Club Road contains a single detached dwelling.

Purpose of Site Plan Control Proposal:

The purpose of the Site Plan Control application is to revise the existing approved site plan for 934 Hunt Road to include the lands to the east known as 948 Hunt Club Road. The proposed development is to construct a three storey, 35 unit apartment building on the site. With the addition of the second building, there will be a total of 55 rental units with 38 tenant parking spaces, 11 visitor spaces and 3 office parking spaces for a total of 52 spaces.

Details of Requested Zoning By-law Amendment:

The application for a Zoning By-law Amendment is to change the zoning of 948 Hunt Club Road from a Residential First Density R1MM Zone to a Residential Fourth Density R4V(1795) Zone which is the same zoning applicable to the adjacent parcel at 934 Hunt Club Road.

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