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(Une copie de ce bulletin est disponible en français, sur demande.)

Dear Residents of Riverside Park and Hunt Club North,

I trust you are well and are enjoying a well-deserved Spring.

The objective of this bulletin is to provide information on the Airport Parkway, the progress of the City’s work to widen it and to inform you of a planned pilot project that will take place in June on Walkley Road.

History and Context
As part of the 2013 Transportation Master Plan (TMP), approved by City Council, the Airport Parkway is slated to be widened as part of a 3-phase project.
Phase 1 includes:

Holly Jolly Jamboree

Please join myself, the River Ward team, and fellow community members at the Annual River Ward Holly Jolly Jamboree. Saturday, December 11 from 1pm to 3pm.

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